Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 July 2017
President of Belarus Lukashenko arrives in Ukraine
Strelkov is asked if things are better in Ukraine as result of his actions: “nothing will get better until reunification of Russian nation”
Girkin: "We did not shoot down MH17 because we didn't have a BUK" I cannot give more comments because I did not take part in investigation
Girkin says re-annexing Poland and Finland is not feasible at this stage, but reclaiming at least Ukraine and Belarus into Russia is a must
Question to Girkin: Who funded your military activity in Donbass? Girkin: "My response would deprive me of my officer's honor"
Global Hawk UAV after Occupied Crimea to Donbas
Treasury fines Exxon Mobil for violating Russia sanctions in 2014
ATO Press Center: Clarification on the losses of the Armed Forces in the area of ​​ATO- 4 KIA 3 WIA, yesterday, 4 KIA 7 WIA 1 POW today
Global Hawk UAV continues to monitor Crimean coast
In Kyiv, Ukraine, about 200 people joined a rally to commemorate journalist Pavel Sheremet, killed 1 year ago
.@EPP urges Moldova’s gov to follow the recommendations of the Venice Com regarding changes to the electoral system
USAF RQ4 Global Hawk UAV drone at Crimea
Ukrainian Airborne troops drill in Mykolaiv region
Ukrainian Airborne troops drill in Mykolaiv region
Military convoy on Romania-Bulgaria border
Significant damage in Krasnohorivka after last night attack
Chisinau refused to accept planes with Russian Ministry Defense singers/performance artists
Police in Kyiv are looking for 2 assailants in a car who killed a man near Chernyhivska
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, 1 UA serviceman was KIA by enemy fire near Maryinka
ATO spokesperson: Militants opened fire against residential areas of Krasnohorivka. 1 house was damaged
According to preliminary information, 4 UA troops KIA, 2 WIA. 1 UA soldier was KIA near Novhorodske
ATO spox: Today, at 4 am Russian proxies opened fire with mortars, 122-mm artillery, tanks and Grad-P rocket launcher at Krasnohorivka
Video: #SeaBreeze2017 drill
Russian citizen Asif Mamedov was shot dead in Kyiv. On wanted list in Russia
Clashes near Maryinka yesterday
4 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 3 wounded yesterday. 21 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 3 killed and 3 wounded in IED explosion near Novotoshkivs'ke
Video: bombardment of Krasnohorivka this morning
Video: bombardment of Krasnohorivka this morning
Tanks or howitzers are active at Petrovka, West Donetsk this morning. Also MLRS reported
The Kremlin is behind the latest announcement from Russia occupied territory in East Ukraine - former Russian Prime Minister.
Photos: Poroshenko in Georgia at Russian occupation barbed wires
Tripartial contact group began meeting in Minsk